Success Story

Business Growth Events build a new leader

Hallidays’ Business AM (BAM) programme empowered a new Marketing Manager to think like a leader and take bold action, fully rebranding Vernon Building Society to drive the organisation forward. Here’s how BAM helped...

The situation beforehand

Conscious he was a young manager and new to the business. Alex wanted to develop his leadership skills to enable him to make a strong impression. Inspired by the passion and leadership style of Hallidays Chairman he joined Business AM.

Alex wanted to build strong relationships with his colleagues and involve them in the rebrand to energise and excite them about the plans.

Alex had great ambitions and wanted to successfully implement the rebrand and grow himself and his career to be able to lead his team with confidence.

The success we've achieved

The BAM events, particularly ‘Growing as a leader’ supported Alex to develop his own style. Networking with other business leaders grew his confidence and skills which he used to influence his board to approve his plans for the rebrand.

‘Grow the power of your team’ supported Alex to understand how to effectively motivate and communicate with his team. By adapting Hallidays surveys and holding consultations, he engaged and excited the team about the rebrand.

With his new found confidence, Alex put his leadership skills into action leading a successful rebrand which increased customers, won awards and delighted the board.


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Business AM supported Alex to quickly develop his leadership skills and his self-belief to be bold and confidently take action.

Led by Alex, the rebrand supported Vernon Building Society to grow and win two awards ‘Best Savings Provider 2019’ and ‘Most Responsible Business 2019’.

Alex is confidently rising to the challenges of his new role and is passionate about building his career and becoming a great leader by being approachable and engaging his team. He also achieved his personal goal of quitting smoking to lead a healthy lifestyle.

I like to think of pies when talking about my leadership journey. Throughout my BAM experience I have been developing a recipe book to make the perfect pie. The moment I knew my recipe had been perfected, was the moment I achieved a full re-brand of Vernon Building Society. I served the pie and it tasted good!

Alex Deakin Marketing and Brand Manager - Vernon Building Society