Success Story

Business Growth Events inspire a business to diversify

Hallidays’ Business AM (BAM) programme supported a family business to invigorate their team, build their premium brand and move the business forward into new markets.

The situation beforehand

As a Director in his family business, Kieren wanted to expand his skill set and propel the business forward but was spending too much time working ‘in’ the business and not ‘on’ strategies for growth.

Within the growing business, Kieren wanted to introduce more formal ways of communicating to ensure the team were working effectively together.

The team were keen to expand their customer base without relying on larger existing clients by diversifying into new markets. They looked to Hallidays to support them with this journey to grow their business.

The success we've achieved

Using the ‘Urgent and Important’ matrix from BAM, Kieren reviewed his time-management and empowered his team to take on more responsibility, enabling everyone to focus on what they do best.

The ‘Growing as a leader’ BAM inspired Kieren to introduce weekly meetings and improve communication. New policies by Hallidays HR provided clarity and peace of mind. Alongside their office refurbishment and improved branding, the business now reflects their premium products.

Through strategic discussions with Hallidays, Avocet Steel have confidently expanded with new products in European and American markets. This has allowed them to grow by diversifying their offering.


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Business AM has inspired Kieren and his team to take action and enjoy driving the business forward.

Their office refurbishment sets the tone for clients and boosted team morale. With new marketing materials, Xero invoicing and packaging materials their whole business conveys a premium service to their clients and team.

After attending ‘Growing as a leader’ and ‘Grow the power of your team’ they have created a happier working environment and empowered their team to work efficiently and effectively together. Kieren and his team are now confidently venturing into new products and markets to grow the business further.

BAM has been really helpful for my personal development and driving the business forward. I came out of each session with ideas on how to improve our growing business. We have implemented often subtle changes that have had a large, positive impact on many aspects of the business.

Kieren Hall Director - Avocet Steel