Success Story

Business Growth Events make a business ‘buzz’

Hallidays’ Business AM programme supported the new owner of a child care nursery to energise her team and transform the business into a vibrant and thriving success...

The situation beforehand

As the new business owner, Sarah recognised the need to build the confidence of her team and motivate them to transform the business.

She identified the potential for her skilled and experienced middle managers to have more responsibility for making decisions, budgeting and leading their team.

The ‘Systems for Growth’ event supported her to focus on getting the right systems in place to enable the business to operate effectively.

Sarah identified the values of the business and benefits to her customers. She recruited an agency to update the branding to reflect the transformation.

The success we've achieved

Introducing regular team meetings and a ‘team member of the month award’ made her team feel confident, valued and enthusiastic about making improvements.

With new job descriptions, training and support the middle managers have ‘blossomed’. Their ideas have improved customer experience and freed-up Sarah’s time to work on further improvements.

Improved systems for generating and converting referrals are growing the business. Better booking systems and invoicing have also improved efficiency.

With new branding throughout all elements of the business they now provide a clear and consistent message to their target market.


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By taking action, Sarah and her team have transformed an already successful business into a dynamic, forward thinking childcare provider.

With new branding, better systems and an empowered team they have succeeded in growing the business. Alongside this, the happiness of their team and their customers have soared.

Their hard work has been praised by Ofsted, with an inspector recent commending them for the ‘buzzing’ environment they have created.

With my background in teaching, this was the first time I’ve led and motivated a team to transform a business. Business AM provided the focus and techniques for me to reflect upon and take targeted action. It’s been hard work but so rewarding to create a confident team, happy customers and a thriving business.

Sarah Whitney Business Owner - Hollins Wood Childcare