Success Story

Developing Robust Information Systems

J. Mills (Contractors) asked Hallidays to develop their information systems and support them to get the right team in place to produce robust business intelligence, enabling them to drive their business forward with confidence.

The situation beforehand

J. Mills business needed to improve its financial administration accuracy and efficiency following a buy in/buy out of the company.

Close scrutiny from the bank on a financial team that were finding it difficult to adjust to the new expectations.

Credit control systems and processes were ready for significant improvements to meet the needs of capital management.

Clear and sound information was not available to inform business decisions.

Leadership and structural issues stopped their team working towards a shared goal.

The success we've achieved

Hallidays worked within their financial department and led their team for 2-3 months. The brief was to improve financial systems, review the department’s performance and implement changes.

We liaised with the bank and J. Mills to ensure the right information was provided as and when required. Hallidays also assisted with the recruitment of a new Head of Finance.

Hallidays advised on debt collection, invoicing and also pricing decisions which led to improvements in working capital.

Access to relevant, accurate information has helped the business move forward.


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J.Mills (Contractors) Ltd rebuilt their ‘back office’ systems to complement their operational excellence with our help and support.

We improved their financial systems, reviewed the performance and implemented changes.

In addition, by working within the business and assisting with the recruitment of a Head of Finance, Hallidays have helped create a clear structure in the finance team.

As a result, clear goals can be set and achieved within the finance department, strengthening the business as a whole.

Our experience as business advisers enables us to continue to work with J. Mills, giving strategic advice on profitability drivers and improving working capital.

I know the importance of having the right accountants and experts in place. Hallidays are commercial in their approach and I knew they would help us implement the changes that were crucial to the success and development of the business. With hindsight, I should even have done it sooner.

Paul Noall Managing Director, J. Mills (Contractors) Ltd