Success Story

HR upskilling creates confident Team Leaders

Hallidays HR worked with RVA Surveyors to design and deliver bespoke training for their newly promoted Team Leaders.

The situation beforehand

Their Team Leaders were lacking in the knowledge and skills to be able to manage their teams effectively.

Their Team Leaders needed support to transition from being a member of a team, into the role of a Manager.

They were approaching all situations in the same way, irrespective of the different personailities and behavioural styles of the individuals involved.

The success we've achieved

Hallidays HR programme equipped the Team Leaders with the knowledge to be able to handle HR issues in line with their policies, best practice and understand when to seek expert support.

Learning new ways to approach different situations enabled the Team Leaders developed their skills and insight to work effectively and build strong working relationships with their teams.

With their focus on effective leadership and communication, team morale is at an all-time high as they work together to achieve their business goals.


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With Hallidays support, RVA have confidence their Team Leaders can resolve day-to-day operational and HR issues, which leaves senior managers able to focus their attention on growing the business.

They can relax in the knowledge that their HR practices are compliant, and that Team Leaders are equipped to manage situations without risk. They have peace of mind that expertise from Hallidays HR is always on hand to support them with any complex issues.

With their skills, communication and morale enhanced, RVA are now a much stronger team to confidently drive their business forward.

Hallidays HR have been invaluable! They guided us through designing the training and we had incredibly positive feedback from the participants. We’re already reaping the benefits with our management teams working together, communicating more, with a heightened awareness of the business and improved working practices.

Anthony Hughes RVA Surveyors Limited