Success Story

IT audit resolves issues and saves money

Kutchenhaus Ltd is an extension of one of the world’s biggest high quality kitchen manufacturers and had long outstanding problems with their IT server systems and internet connectivity. Here’s how Hallidays IT audit helped...

The situation beforehand

Many of their office systems were unacceptably slow, which led to frustrations and other internal issues associated with this.

Their branches were often cut off from the head office causing major data issues. This was incredibly problematic when raising quotes.

Onsite backups meant there was a higher business risk for loss of data.

Having outsourced many of their standard inhouse services to work around their internal problems, Kutchenhaus asked Hallidays to perform an audit of their systems to see if we could identify any issues.

The success we've achieved

Following Hallidays’ IT audit, problems in the foundations of their network server setup were identified immediately and rectified soon after.

The positive effect on the speed of the IT systems was evident immediately, making all users more productive and less frustrated during their working day.

After making these initial changes, Hallidays were able to build on the existing system and restructured their IT. This enabled the team to work more efficiently and gain much needed confidence in their IT systems.

Cost reductions found by bringing in previously outsourced services saved Kutchenhaus thousands per year.


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Our client continues to make significant annual savings from bringing in previously outsourced services.

Their team work more productively and efficiently without the day-to-day frustrations previously encountered.

Following the initial improvements, Hallidays has continued to build on the existing systems at Kutchenhaus instilling their team with confidence.

I just wanted to say a quick thank you for all your help with our IT systems. After being frustrated for such a long time, we finally have systems that help rather than hinder. You have helped us to streamline our IT operation and your ongoing support has been invaluable. We now use you for IT, Accounts, Audit and Payroll and would have no problem recommending your services.

Sue Cobb Finance Manager, Kutchenhaus