Success Story

Supporting an academy

Trinity CoE High School were looking for support to succeed as an academy. Here’s how Hallidays built a solid working relationship with them to tackle the challenges and opportunities together...

The situation beforehand

There were concerns about the risks involved in converting into an academy and ensuring that the risks were identified.

They were looking for someone who would get to know them and their school, who understood the challenges they faced and could offer support as they underwent huge changes.

With limited resources and a fixed budget, the school wanted assurance they would know how much they were paying in advance.

The success we've achieved

Hallidays offered a free VAT and PAYE review, which ensured from the start that any risks were highlighted and mitigated.

Hallidays’ support and guidance ensured they were equipped to handle the volume of information and complex reporting required within the deadlines. The confidence of the team grew in the knowledge that Hallidays’ friendly, professional team were always there to advise them.

We agreed our fees up front so the trust knew exactly what they were going to be paying. Any additional work was quoted for in advance, giving them control of where they chose to spend their money.


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With Hallidays’ support, the finance team at Trinity have grown in knowledge and confidence to efficiently meet their reporting deadlines.

They have peace of mind that they can trust their Halllidays team to always provide sound advice and support with all the challenges and opportunities they face on their journey.

We consider Hallidays to be a strong, practical and experienced team of professionals. Without their knowledge, forthright suggestions and critiques, we would not have been able to deliver the desired results within the tight deadlines imposed upon us.

Jacky Elliott Business Manager – Trinity CoE High School